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11 January 2013

Lexani armoured Toyota Sequoia

This leather-lined luxo-fortress is absolutely incredible

Matthew Jones
Car image

Diplomats! Captains of industry! Rappers! Don't like bullets? Do like cars? But don't fancy anything as inconspicuous as the Marauder? We have just the thing...

Built by blingsmiths Lexani, this unassuming US-market Toyota Sequoia has enough armouring to protect itself from 7.62x51mm rifle rounds, underbody plating that'll withstand grenades and land mines, and... wine coolers. Wait, what?

Yep, wine coolers. And a retractable flat screen TV that doubles as a cabin divider, a pair of leather thrones, wood trim, booze cabinets, and many, many screens for you to watch what's happening outside on.

Watch the video, then tell us where you'd drive if one flopped onto your driveway...

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