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19 October 2012

LF-LC: most powerful Lexus hybrid

500bhp hybrid coupe concept premieres at Aussie motor show in blue. Still gorgeous
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Yes, you've seen this one before, but not in this colour. It's the Lexus LF-LC concept, first shown at the Detroit Motor Show at the start of this year. Beautiful thing, isn't it?

Now, Lexus has repainted it ‘Opal Blue' - to match the natural base colour of the Australian gemstone, apparently - and put it on display. The pictures are on the right. You know what to do.

Before you rush off though, a few points. And they're actually quite good points. Firstly, the concept uses lots of carbon fibre and aluminium alloy to achieve a relatively light kerb weight. Anyone who's sniffed out a GT86 knows this is A Good Thing.

Secondly, that design will influence the style of future Lexus models; a much-needed injection of cool to draw the brand closer to the LFA, and less to the CT200h. Ahem.

Thirdly - and most importantly - Lexus has told us the concept on display in Australia is packing a petrol-electric hybrid system featuring a new high-energy battery pack, designed to give more power from a smaller unit. Oh, and 500bhp. That's 60bhp more than the LS600h, making it the most powerful Lexus the world.

Bet you like it just a little bit more, right?

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