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31 December 2011

Life is Blue

A win-win initiative from Volkswagen and TopGear
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So the January 2012 issue of TopGear India is on stands. It’s got the usual razzmataaz. Cars, bikes, cars and more cars. But apart from providing you with a rollicking time, there’s also something a bit more caring, a bit more thoughtful and a bit more, um, un-childish if you will. Notice, the Volkswagen Bluemotion Passat communication right after the cover? That’s your opportunity to make a difference and win something in the bargain.

It’s what we call a Volkswagen Think Blue initiative, the Plant-in-a-magazine concept. In association with TopGear India, Plant-in-a-magazine is a joint venture between the world’s largest automaker and the most-read automotive title to spread some greenery, fresh air and some cheer in life. VW’s Bluemotion technology is all about extending every litre of fuel to the maximum of distance, increasing fuel-efficiency and reducing emissions. You can read about Bluemotion in page 68 of TG’s latest issue.

How can you make a difference? Take the seeds packed under the VW Bluemotion Passat with TG’s January issue and plant them following the directions given under the seed pouch. VW and TG will be launching a contest by the first week of January 2012. You can get more details on and also follow the contest at the Indian Auto Expo 2012 in New Delhi.

Do your bit. Sure, you could win a Sony PS3 and many more exciting prizes that will be given away by Volkswagen and TopGear (Details on that coming soon). But then, even if you don’t, you’d have done enough good.


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