Listen to Senna’s McLaren at Suzuka

26 July 2013 - 17:16

Listen to Senna’s McLaren at Suzuka

Honda, using witchcraft and wizardry known only to Gandalf the White, has put together a tribute video that will give any veteran Formula One fan - and indeed anyone who enjoys the sound of a naturally aspirated V10 - goose bumps.

It's a tribute to the late, great Ayrton Senna, the Brazilian maestro who scored three world championships and... well, you don't need us to eulogize. You should already know about him.

In 1989, McLaren partnered up with Honda who supplied a 3.5-litre V10 to build a very nifty Formula One car called the MP4/5 that was more than a dab hand at winning. In this video, Honda's incredibly clever people used sound and telemetry data from Senna's ‘89 MP4/5 and lined the Suzuka circuit with speakers and lights.

They then waited for night to fall, and began the light and sound show, bringing Ayrton's extraordinary driving back to life, using the lights to showcase his position on the track, and the sound to make your senses fizz. Put simply, it sounds amazing.

Of course, the Suzuka '89 race was notorious - both Senna and his McLaren team-mate Prost went at each other from the get-go, as Suzuka would decide which of them would be crowned world champion. They eventually collided, but while Prost sauntered off, Senna managed to rejoin the race, replaced his nose-cone and using his extraordinary talent, took the race victory. Why so notorious? Senna was stripped of the win after the race, handing the title to Prost.

Enough of that, though. Just listen to the below. Turn it up LOUD.

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