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13 March 2014

Local assembly of Mercedes S-Class begins

And with it comes a whopping Rs 21 lakh price-slash...

Gagan Gupta
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Earlier this year, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class launched at a Rs 1.57 crore, and yet managed to sell all the launch units in its pre-booking phase.

Now Mercedes announced the local production of the new S-Class from its Chakan manufacturing facility and with it comes a price drop of Rs 21 lakh. At its new price of Rs 1.36 crore, the S 500 has a three-month waiting period, with deliveries expected in June 2014.

Eberhard Kern, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India said “The S-Class has always set newer standards that have retained its accolade as “the best automobile in the world” with each generation. Quality has all along been the strength of Mercedes-Benz India, and the new S 500 production in India is set to take this success story even further. This also reiterates our commitment to bring world class manufacturing facilities in India to support our growth in the luxury automotive business”

And if you're worried about how your S-Class will be treated after purchase, Mercedes has a plan for that as well. They have just launched a S-Class Chauffeur Training Program, which is a 21 module unique multilingual course for chauffeurs of S-Class across India. The 21 modules focus on enhancing chauffeurs soft skills, etiquette, personal development, courtesy and safety as well, besides the driving bits, of course.

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