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14 January 2013

Luxury Car of the Year: Ferrari FF

The FF has everything you’d never expect in a Ferrari. Which is why it comes with everything we expect in our kind of luxury car

Sriram Narayanan
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By now, you know we don’t take to the usual luxury cars with lounge sofas, massaging seats and champagne compartments. We think it would be a very sad day when you think, “Well then. I have arrived in life. Time I take the back seat and let someone else do the driving.”

Paying someone to drive your beloved machine is like hiring temporary entertainment for your wife or girlfriend because you’re caught up in some sad meeting. You wouldn’t do that, would you? Nor should you do that with your car.

Which is why we like fun cars that afford you the luxury of taking your family and their luggage along. Which is exactly what the Ferrari FF is. And a fun Ferrari that can afford you the luxury of taking your family comes along only when all the planets align in some sort of rare cosmic phenomenon. The FF is a three-door car, and will want its back seat passengers to tilt the front seats and bend a bit on their way to the back seat. But once there, you will count the FF amongst the most comfortable cars on the planet.

Besides, the ride is good and you can have all the fun and frolic you have in every other family-unfriendly Ferrari. It has the same sharp steering, that blood-curdling soundtrack off the V12 and the agility of a gazelle. And when you want it to, it can be a quiet, sedate daily driver.

After the FF, all other grand-tourers or 2+2s, which don’t offer space in the back, which are heavy, which aren’t agile should be burying their heads in potholes. So we took the most incredible of Ferraris to Kala Ghoda, south Mumbai’s famous art district. Sure, Kala Ghoda means a black horse. But more importantly, this is the place where masterpieces get displayed. And the car we have here is art, a masterpiece and something  that has more uses than being hung on a wall. Besides, just repeat the words: a Ferrari for the family. Doesn’t that have a ring of luxury about it?

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