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15 January 2013

Luxury SUV of the Year: Mercedes M-Class

Enough with the taunts. The ML puts Mercedes firmly back in the game

Ashish Masih
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At some low points in its history over the last few years, people have doubted Mercedes and asked questions about its ability to fight back in the big German battle against Audi and BMW. With the arrival of the ML, we are happy to inform you the three-pointed star is back in the game. The new ML is a convincing reminder of the company’s core values.

In an SUV market filled with pretenders, the Merc plays it old school. It remains a no-holds-barred off-roader that is also very good on it – doing all that in great comfort.

The imposing and adorned exterior is mostly the same, save for a broader grille and subtle new LED lights running just below the headlights. The rear lights are beefier now and more befitting than the previous set. Sure, it’s not as mafia-looking as its most natural rival, the Audi Q7, but that doesn’t mean the ML has no presence. It does things with class and sophistication.

Best part is, despite being a full-grown SUV, it tends to shrink around the driver, never feeling its girth or weight when it’s gunning down the highway, always displaying typical Merc solidity even at triple-digit speeds.

Sure, a Volvo will offer more acronyms by way of sheer safety kit but very, very few can offer the same sense of in-cabin safety the way this Mercedes does. What adds to the charm is the very useable cabin and the luggage space. Quality and design are up there with the best too. Good news – Mercedes wants to be Mercedes again.

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