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21 August 2014

Mahindra blesses the e2o with power steering and extended range

Now, travel up to 40 kilometres more in an e2o with a steering wheel that's easier on the arms

Amaan Ahmed
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As Mahindra-Reva's first all-new, fully-electric vehicle, the e2o is a fine effort. Launched earlier last year, the e2o is a fairly capable little car that doesn't require you to queue up at the nearest conventional fuel bunk. At the end of the day, though, it's still a car that runs on electric power, and we're still humans hounded by range anxiety.

The original e2o could do only 80 kilometres on a full charge, and while that sounds like a decent figure, it's still just 80 kilometres. It turns out, the company's been hard at work while no one was looking, and tinkering with the tech that drives the e2o has helped them add a further 40 kilometres to the e2o's full-charge range.

It's been launched as the new "Premium" (also T2) variant, which has a claimed range of 120kms on fully topped-up batteries, and it also gets electric power steering to make it all the more convenient for city-dwellers.

Five hours is the amount of time it needs to stock up on a full dose of electricity, but it'll take six if you plug it into a standard 15-ampere socket. However, Mahindra's Quick 2 Charge fast-charging stations will top it up in just an hour's time.

Priced at ₹6.30 lakh (on-road, Mumbai), the T2 is almost a lakh more than the base T01, but then, the base variant has a less powerful motor (20bhp, five down on the T2), an estimated range of 80 kilometres on a full charge, and no electrically-adjustable wing mirrors, driver information system, JBL stereo or parking camera.

An offering that you'd seriously consider? Or would it take more to convince you to ditch your petrol/diesel, TG.commers?

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