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04 April 2011

Mahindra scores in MotoGP

Earns its first championship points in Spain

Gagan Gupta
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If your cricket World Cup euphoria was sobered down on time for this Sunday's Moto GP race, then you probably noticed that Mahindra scored its first championship points in it. German rider Marcel Schrötter finished 13th on a Mahindra 125cc competition bike in seriously wet conditions at the seasons second round in Jerez, Spain.

Schrötter, could qualify only 23rd. But as rains played havoc, he kept in a steady and firm drive to climb into the points even as quite a few mid-field riders fell prey to the treacherous conditions. One of them being Schrotter’s team mate Danny Webb from Great Britain, who was interestingly was 11th at half race distant before he started losing rear tyre grip and crashing spectacularly.

Although he’s sprained his ankle, the team is hopeful that he will be up for the challenge for the next round in Portugal on May 1st.

In case you missed it, the 125cc race was won by Spaniard Nicolas Terol astride an Aprilia.


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