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05 March 2014

Make way for the Volkswagen T-Roc

Volkswagen reckons you want a Polo-sized SUV-coupe in your life. TG explores VW’s big crossover plans

Paul Horrell
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You might not know it yet, but VW thinks many of you might be busting for a Polo-sized crossover coupe. So here's a concept, called the T-Roc, of a production car that'll join the ranks in three years' time.

The concept uses VW's 180bhp diesel engine, a new seven-speed DSG, and '4Motion' four-wheel drive. It's also got a giant targa roof panel and just two doors. We're just hoping that memories of the diabolical Suzuki X90 will give them pause on the latter. More likely for production is a five-door format.

The styling isn't as pared-back as other VWs. Instead of the usual rectangular lights, we get an extra set of big round eyes – a nod to the segment-defining Nissan Juke? And there's a fancy swoop up over the rear arch. Sorry VW, we're not sure about that.

Inside, it's trimmed out in the usual concept-car jeweller's shop of shiny metal knobs and fixtures – much niceness, little realism. The T-Roc's all-diigital dash is becoming feasible though, as the new TT shows.

The whole thing is built on VW's now-pervasive MQB variable platform. We're getting a sense now of what the MQB can do. This show saw the new Audi TT, the little T-Roc and a big six-seat electric MPV concept called the Clipper from ItalDesign. All use MQB.

VW's future plans are crossover-crazy. Next year comes the Taigun, a dinky quasi-off-roader related to the Up-exclamation-mark. Then there's this Polo-sized affair (think Mini Countryman or Paceman).

The Tiguan and Touareg will get successors of course. And, in the US and China at least, VW is planning a giant three-row SUV that'll look like the CrossBlue concept. Any taking your fancy?

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