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23 January 2013

Man donuts two cars simultaneously

Is this Stig in training? Probably not, but it’s still a bit bonkers…
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This is a grainy video of an old BMW, which imposes certain stylistic requirements. The car must be missing some obvious body parts (note the bumper), it must be wearing some rubbish nineties alloys (note the, umm, alloys), and someone a bit mental must be doing something baffling.

In this case, it's donuts. But not just your garden-variety donuts: this the lesser-spotted, one-man-two-donuts sort of donut. As in one bloke gets in an old BMW, starts donuting, gets out mid-donut, somehow keeps it donuting, scurries off to find another old BMW, gets in, donuts that for a bit (while the first old BMW is still donuting), drives off, gets back in the original donuting old BMW, and drives off.

Donut donut donut.

We have one question, TopGear.commmers. WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?

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