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13 December 2012

Maruti Alto K10 'Knightracer' is here

Just another day, just another limited-edition Maruti hatchback. And no, it has nothing to do with that IPL team

Amaan Ahmed
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Maruti Suzuki seems to have caught the limited-edition fever. You will recall reading about the A-star "Aktiv", another limited-run version of Maruti's little city hatch just a couple of days back, and now MSIL has rolled out the Alto K10 "Knightracer". Yes, you just read that. So what's new here?

Based on the K10 LXi variant, the K10 Knightracer is festooned with flashy body graphics, full wheel covers, side moulding, a rear spoiler and a left side ORVM, and additions to the interior include new seat covers, steering wheel cover, rear parcel tray and an MP3 player with USB connectivity. Again, as expected, the mechanicals remain unchanged.

Mr. Manohar Bhat, Vice President (Marketing) Maruti Suzuki India Limited said at the launch, "The Alto K10 Knightracer is a special limited edition that adds to the Alto K10’s appeal with an enhanced style quotient. We are confident that this special edition will bring pride to the select owners."

The cost of all the limited edition garnishing? Maruti says it adds Rs 13,490 to the standard car's cost. Only. A limited edition A-star, a limited edition Alto, is it the Wagon R's turn next? Let your guesses run amok, TopGear.commers.

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