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03 July 2013

Maruti unleashes the limited-edition Swift RS

Wait on. It does say 'RS', but a fancy bodykit and a sprinkling of accessories is all it's got to show for that dynamic moniker

Amaan Ahmed
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It's been such a long time since Maruti launched a new car or a substantially modified version of one of its many cars, that one couldn't be blamed for being unable to recall its last proper "launch". Almost all of MSIL's vehicles have been given the 'special edition' treatment over the last few months, and even the Swift couldn't escape the make-up department's clutches for long. So now we've got this - the Swift RS.

Though 'RS' would otherwise signify an evil, more potent version of a car in most cases (RS5, 911 GT3 RS, you get the drift, literally...), it doesn't work that way with Maruti. You see, MS hasn't bothered tinkering with the engine at all. What makes the Swift an 'RS' is a new 3-piece bodykit, consisting of blue-enriched front and rear bumpers and a roof spoiler. You've got "motorsport-inspired" black and blue body stickers, blue ORVMs, and to balance it out, black wheel covers. There's also an illuminated Swift emblem on all door sills.

The Swift RS continues with its beaten black-and-blue theme on the inside with black-blue art leather seats, a stereo with Aux-in and USB, and some floormats that claim to have been inspired by rallying. And that is all there is to the 'RS' package, which is only available on the VXi/VDi trims for an additional Rs 24,500 over and above the actual cost of the car. Maruti says it's a limited-run model that will only be available for some time, though it hasn't told us exactly how many units it intends to sell. Do you like it, or is it an exercise in vain, dotcommers?

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