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21 February 2018

Maserati Levante tows Jamie Barrow to a Guinness World Record

While you still think of going past 100kph on four wheels, this man did 151kph on a snowboard!
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Breaking a record is quite commendable in itself, but breaking the same record twice, needs some serious determination. Wait, did a carmaker break some record? In a way, yes. A car was involved in this stunt. British snowboarder Jamie Barrow broke his own record and has now become the fastest snowboarder in the world.

How fast did he go? Well, a little higher than that. He managed to clock 151.57kph. How did he manage to pull off something like that? He had some Italian friends to help him achieve this feat. Jamie and his snowboard were towed by a 2.1 tonne SUV. In 2016, Barrow managed to clock 99.87kph, this time he managed to touch 151.57kph. The average taken during the two runs came out to be 149.65kph, which is a new world record.

The car which they used to tow Barrow was the Maserati Levante. If you’re skeptical about their choice, then click here for our review. Neither Maserati nor Jamie Barrow has revealed anything about which variant of the Levante was used. Internationally, the Levante is available with three engine outputs –275bhp, 350bhp and 430bhp. In India though, we have the least powerful of the lot, the 275bhp, 3-pot turbo-diesel.

Apart from the usual off-roading features, this Levante was fitted with 474 studs on the tyres to give the SUV ample traction. And if you’re driving around a frozen lake, you will need it. 

So, what do you guys think? Was the Levante a perfect candidate for this job or do you think that the Porsche Cayenne or the Range Rover Sport would've done the job better?

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