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02 September 2014

Max Verstappen crashes on debut

F1's youngest ever driver appears in front of adoring public, promptly crashes

Hugh Radojev
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For most young drivers, three-point-turning your parents' Vauxhall Corsa around Sainsbury's car park in Neasden is about as stressful as it gets. If you happen to be 16-year-old Dutch wunderkind Max Verstappen, the learning curve is somewhat steeper.

Max, the son of former Benetton driver Jos, is set to become the youngest driver in Formula 1 history when he races for Toro Rosso in the 2015 season, by which point he'll be 17. The age at which most of us are paying upwards of two grand a year to get insured on a knackered old Citroen.

This video, however, proves that even Max - not old enough to drive on UK roads yet, don't forget - is having a few issues getting ready for motorsport's biggest stage. In an attempt to wow the crowds and impress on his first public appearance in Rotterdam, burnouts and donuts would seem to be a pretty safe bet.

But anticlimactically crashing into a fence after being shoved back onto the road by the stewards? Not particularly smooth...

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