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02 November 2012

McLaren 12C Art Car

German tuner builds a tribute to BMW’s legendary racers
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Sweet mother of AWESOME. This is the work of German tuner, Hamann Motorsport, which has decided to doff its hat to BMW's Art Cars with this rather tasty McLaren.

It's called the memoR, it's got a carbon body kit, one-off 21-inch rims and what its builders describe as an "opulent explosion of colour." Hamann adds: "The refined two-seater will transform ugly streets into palatial catwalks, clothing its passengers in magnificent haute couture." Erm, right.

Only thing is, we're not entirely sure why Hamann - which is pretty well-versed in pimpifying BMWs - went with the McLaren. Suppose the old McLaren F1 had a BMW engine, so there's a distant link there...

Best not over-think it. Just click on the pictures and tell us this - do you think it looks more like Jeff Koons' BMW GT2Andy Warhol's BMW M1 or Jeremy Clarkson's 635CSi...?

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