McLaren 12C Spider vs snowboarder

Posted by vijay at 04:33 am on Thursday March 21, 2013

Hmmm. Much stroking of chins occurred when we first clapped eyes on this neat little video from McLaren, showcasing its rather delectable new 12C Spider racing against a human on some ice.

Why? We'll get to that shortly, because first, you need some details. It has been filmed to announce the McLaren 12C Spider's launch in America, and features the 616bhp drop-top Macca being piloted by none other than current Pikes Peak overall record holder Rhys Millen. Here is a man who knows his way around a mountain.

Fittingly, it's been filmed on a mountain. Specifically, the ‘treacherous' Loveland Pass; not, as you might have guessed, the name of a salacious adult film, but a very scary mountain pass in Colorado, about 210-odd kilometres from Rhys' traditional stomping ground of Pikes Peak.

He's racing a snowboardist who goes by the name of Chanelle Sladics, herself an eight-time competitor at the winter X-Games, who must find the most direct route across the snow. Clearly, these two are very able helmsmiths, and the 12C Spider a very slidey, not-so-able-on-ice supercar.

Have a watch of the video below. Does anyone remember James May getting strapped into a Mini WRC car with Kris Meeke, racing against Amy Williams at the Lillehammer track, though? Yeah, us neither...

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