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12 January 2018

McLaren has made a 570GTS (sort of)

Want a practical McLaren 570 with the sportiest chassis? Good news!

Stephen Dobie
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The McLaren range seems to have grown exponentially in recent years. And now we can (kind of) add another. McLaren now offers a Sport Pack on its 570GT, and has effectively made a 570GTS in the process.

It’s what a lot of people were calling out for: the more svelte and practical McLaren 570GT, with its glass boot lid and extra luggage room, but without the softer chassis settings. The 570S is a properly sharp mini-supercar, and now you can pair its handling prowess with the GT’s better long distance abilities.

As standard, the GT has less stiff suspension and a slower steering ratio than the 570S, for more relaxed driving. This is reversed back if you go for the Sport Pack, which also brings Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyres.

The 570S itself retains its Track Pack option. Thus equipped, it’s one of the very best cars McLaren has made. It now comes with more Alcantara interior options than before, for maximum trackday peacocking. The 570GT, meanwhile, has lots of new colour options.

In short, the ever-complex process of navigating the McLaren configurator just got even more complicated…

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