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11 June 2012

McLaren MP4-12C gets more power

Upgrades for 2013-spec McSupercar include adjustable sound and 25 extra horses

Vijay Pattni
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"Given our racing heritage," says Antony Sheriff, McLaren MD, "it is in our nature to continuously seek out improvements." Consider then, good folk of the Internet, the McLaren MP4-12C sought out and improved. It's now more powerful.

From October this year, McLaren will offer its newest progeny with a remapped version of its 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged engine. Where it's vastly underpowered and frankly, Neolithic, predecessor offered a scant 591bhp, the 2013 model packs 616bhp.

Oh, and existing 12C owners will be offered the power upgrade for free, because, well, 591bhp is not nearly enough power. Ahem.

While the 0-100kph time remains the same at 3.1 seconds, the 0-200kph and ¼ mile times drop by a tenth (8.8s/10.6s), the 0-300kph time drops a second to 26.5, and the top speed rises 3kph to 333.

McLaren's engineers - who we admire and secretly fear - have managed to peg the CO2 emissions and mpg as per the 592bhp-spec MP4-12C, whilst also finding time to fit a modified version of the seven-speed SSG gearbox (improved clutch control, better throttle response), and a new setting that allows the driver to select the level of engine noise delivered into the cabin via the ‘Intake Sound Generator'. Set it to maximum and sellotape it.

Elsewhere, the door opening sensors have been replaced with a button, there's a new climate control setting, a new paint finish, new wheel design, new interior trim better in car entertainment. As mentioned, the engine, gearbox, sound and stereo upgrades (as well as headlight and seat upgrades) will be offered to every current owner of the 12C. For free.

It's over to you, Ferrari 458 Italia...

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