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12 February 2013

McLaren P1 interior revealed!

The strip tease continues as McLaren reveals pared-back cabin of upcoming hypercar

Vijay Pattni
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If you've never been to the McLaren Technology Centre or understood the ethos powering the company, a taste of how it operates: it has removed the equivalent of one and a half bags of sugar from the inside of its upcoming hypercar, the P1. To save weight.

This is the kind of obsessive detailing we've come to expect from a company that once lined the engine bay of its halo car with gold. The new hypercar, the P1, is set for a Geneva Motor Show unveil next month, and is being systematically teased ahead of its debut.

So that dash. 1.5kgs of resin has been removed from the top of the carbon to leave it non-lacquered. McLaren has also used the minimum amount of trim inside (leaving parts exposed), there is no sound deadening, and carpet is an optional extra. That's right. Carpet. Optional.

The seats weigh in at just 10.5kg each, set to an exacting 28 degrees from the vertical but, thankfully, "can be set to 32 degrees to make them more suitable for racing". Phew!

And the steering wheel, oh boy. Says McLaren: "Past McLaren world champions' grips were modelled on a CAD system and scanned to produce an exact replica." McLaren has made the steering wheel diameter in the same mould as their drivers' wheels.

You'd feel a bit guilty jumping into one of these after say, a heavy breakfast, wouldn't you? Have a click through the pics, and click here for more information on the P1.

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