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20 June 2014

McLaren teases new track-ready racer

What’s the mysterious, big-winged monster hiding beneath this teaser image?

Vijay Pattni
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Good news! At next week's Goodwood Festival of Speed, McLaren will host the global unveil of a brand new racing car.

Bad news! We have no idea what it is.

Well, we kind of have an idea of what it is. It's the moodily shot car in the picture above; most likely a racing version of the newly revealed 650S - the car that effectively replaces the old 12C (if you can call that car old) - to be built and race ready in time for next year's season.

McLaren tells us it's part of the brand's ‘addiction to winning' demonstration, and as such, we'll also be treated to static displays of the ‘standard' 650S, 650S Spider and the not-too-shabby McLaren P1. Jeremy kind of likes that car.

Not only that, but the company will also showcase the M7C; the car driven by McLaren founder Bruce to three podium finishes during the 1969 Formula One season.

We're also hearing that someone called ‘Jenson Button' will pilot something fast and McLaren shaped up the Goodwood hill too, so that'd be worth watching if you're about. And we suggest you go this year, because it promises to be a good one.

The full reveal will take place on 27 June. We'll have more details for you then...


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