Meet Ken Block’s new Fiesta Rallycross

Posted by vijay at 07:02 am on Saturday March 23, 2013

Ken Block has ditched his Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle for something a little more... colourful. Internet, meet Block's brand-new company car for the 2013 motorsport season: the Ford Fiesta ST RX43.

It's been built in collaboration with Block himself, the ‘Hoonigan Racing Division' and M-Sport; that last outfit contains many chaps responsible for building Ford's World Rally Championship cars over the last 16 years. There is much knowledge contained within.

Knowledge Block will hopefully put to better use this year. His Fiesta ST RX43 has been built completely fresh from the ground up, using a standard Fiesta shell and shoehorning in many motorsport bits designed to keep Block going as sideways as possible.

Turns out Ken's pretty chuffed with the end result, naturally. "I'm absolutely stoked on how this car has turned out," he said. "I know my Ford Fiesta HFHV last year was awesome, but the RX43 is really on a whole new level. Malcolm and the team at M-Sport took all of our input and made some radical improvements."

We're looking forward to seeing how our good friend Ken manages in this year's Global Rallycross. Clearly, this is a man who knows his way around a handbrake turn or five. His first competitive event will kick off on 21 April at the X Games Brazil, the first of four Global X Games.

What does the Internet - that's you lot huddled over there - make of Mr Block's new company car? Beats having a 320d, you'll agree...

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