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25 September 2013

Meet the 1000bhp Hyundai Genesis

Bisimoto Engineering creates turbo’d V6 Genesis Coupe for SEMA show…

Vijay Pattni
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This is a Hyundai Genesis Coupe, modified to produce 1000bhp and clothed in an electric blue paintjob that gives some idea as to its pace.

It's been built by Hyundai in conjunction with Bisimoto Engineering, for the upcoming 2013 SEMA tuner show in Las Vegas, and is a "concept designed for the reliability of a street car but with the outrageous power of a no-holds-barred racer". They're not wrong there.

Underneath, you'll be surprised to find the standard Hyundai Genesis Coupe's 3.8-litre V6 Lambda engine - no whopping great supercharged V8 here. "Bisimoto Engineering is excited to develop the V6 to its full potential for the rigours of competitive motorsport," explains Bisi Ezerioha, owner of Bisimoto. He reckons that V6 is 'a thoroughly robust powerplant', and we should hope so, otherwise there'll be a very loud pop at an inconvenient moment.

Saying that, the engineering bods have beefed up the V6's internals: there are Arias forged pistons, steel connecting rods, Bisimoto ‘level 2' camshafts, a pair of Bisimoto/Turbonetics turbochargers with a dual RG45 wastegate and amusingly named 'Godzilla' blow-off valves, a custom fuel pump, custom headwork and a Spearco intercooler. There's also an 'Ironman' clutch, though we doubt it's a tiny Robert Downey Jr nestled in the gearbox.

This 1000bhp Genesis Coupe benefits from a Bisimoto roll cage, Progress coilover suspension and anti-roll bars, 20in aluminium wheels, racing seats and harnesses, a dry cell battery, G&J braided lines, and a 'Racepack' dash.

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