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07 May 2014

Meet the most powerful road-going BMW ever made

Brace yourselves: BMW's made the '30 Jahre M5' to mark 30 years of the legend. It's got 600hp. Be very, very afraid

Amaan Ahmed
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When TG's Abhinav Mishra tested the BMW M5 Competition Package in Germany sometime back, he said something about it having too much power. That car made 15 more horses than the standard, already excessively powerful M5. Today, BMW laughed in Abhinav's face by revealing the limited-run '30 Jahre M5', Bavaria's way of celebrating the 30th birthday of its madcap super-saloon. Naturally, it has more poweerrrrr.

BMW's managed to coax a few more horsepowers from that 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 engine – roughly 40 more than stock. That's 592bhp, or 600hp, to round it off nicely. Torque is up to 700Nm, twenty more than what the Competition Package brings. Put it all together, and you realise that this is now the most powerful road-going car BMW has ever made.

Not that the stock M5 is slow in any way: it does the 0-100kph run in 4.4 seconds, and runs into the limiter at 250kph. The Competition Pack cracks 100kph in 4.3s, and delimited, does 304kph. However, the 30 Jahre, equipped with the Competition Package as standard, makes both those versions look slow, running away to 100kph in just 3.9 seconds, and topping out at 305kph.

The paint scheme's been thought up by BMW Individual, so this one's dipped in special Frozen Dark Silver metallic paint. There are a handful of special-edition badges strewn on the outside, and the leather-and-alcantara-covered interior is full of them too. Moreover, you can choose to listen to some bangin' tunes from an 800W Harman Kardon unit, or a 1200W Bang & Olufsen stereo while you blast across ze autobahn in the mightiest M of them all.

Only 300 units of the 30 Jahre will be made. A fitting way to celebrate three decades of one of the looniest executive sedans known to man?

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