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09 January 2017

Meet the new Porsche 911 GTS

Could this be the best of the 'everyday' Porsches? New 444bhp GTS does 0-100kph in 3.6s

Tom Harrison
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History says the very best ‘everyday’ 911 has a GTS badge on the back. It was true of the 997, and it was true of the pre-facelift 991.1. Not as hardcore as a GT3 or as fast as a Turbo, but as we said of the old car when we drove it in 2014, the GTS is generally the most “satisfying everyday Carrera you can buy”.

This is the new one – the 991.2, with the controversial turbocharged 3.0-litre straight six. There are many variations. You can have a Coupe or Cabriolet with two- or all-wheel drive, or a Targa which is AWD-only. There’s a choice between seven-speed manual and PDK auto. Power is up to 444bhp, 30 more than a normal Carrera S and 20 more than you got from the old, naturally aspirated 991.1 GTS. Torque stands at 550Nm.

And they’re fast. The quickest accelerating GTS is a PDK Carrera 4, which hits 100kph from rest in 3.6 seconds. The quickest outright is a manual Carrera 2 GTS, with its top speed of 312kph. This is unnecessarily fast.

Besides the power you get the wider chassis/body from the normal Carrera 4, even if you stay 2WD, and standard PASM suspension lowered by 10mm. The GTS also gets the Sports Chrono Pack as standard, giving you dynamic engine mounts, the sports exhaust and steering wheel-mounted mode switch. New aero front and rear, black trim and centre-lock 20s also feature. Inside you get special seats, aluminium trim and lots of lovely Alcantara.

Prices start at £94,316 (Rs 78.12 lakh) for the C2 GTS Coupe (the one we’d have) and rise to a little over £108K (Rs 89.45 lakh) for the Targa and C4 Cabrio. Expensive, but actually decent value if you think about all the extra equipment you’re getting.

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