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17 April 2013

Mercedes-Benz flags off 'Advanced Driving Programme' of AMG Driving Academy

Passed the Basic Training Programme? Merc will now let you take your on-circuit skills to a whole new level

Amaan Ahmed
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When Mercedes-Benz India introduced the AMG Driving Academy at the Buddh International Circuit in India sometime last year, it received heartening response. However, there was just one programme available until now - the "Basic Training Programme", which dealt with techniques of safe, confident reactions at the wheel of high performing vehicles (AMG-badged, of course) under extreme conditions. If you were disappointed at not being able to graduate to the next level, allow us to introduce you to the next level of the AMG Driving Academy - the "Advanced Driving Programme".

This next level of training involves some theory (expert drivers from the AMG Driving Academy in Germany toting a pen, paper and probably a ruler, if you misbehave), as well as practice to help drivers enhance their high-speed cornering skills, along with stable handling at such dizzying speeds. The cars that will be employed for the programme are the C63, E63 and SLS AMG. All V8s. Yum.

Eberhard Kern, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India said, “We at Mercedes-Benz believe that ‘Racing is a state of mind’ and we are passionate about our legacy in motorsports. As one of the main pillars of Mercedes-Benz Performance Drive, our AMG Driving Academy has been a stepping stone to fulfill the long cherished dream of racing and taking it up as a profession with the help of a systematic module. It is a proud moment for all of us in announcing the introduction of the Advanced level of this highly successful programme.”

The first two-day training module has already sold out, and if you're keen to get a piece of the action, make sure you have Rs 1 lakh stuffed in your back pocket, for that is what this training programme costs.

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