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06 January 2012

Mercedes Benz SLS Roadster revealed

Open air fun now comes standard in the SLS Roadster

Gagan Gupta
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Now here is a sweet dilemma every prospective SLS owner will face. Choose the Coupe and you don't get the open-air wind in your hair and the clear humming of the V8 like the Roadster. But if you choose the Roadster, you have to live without those beautiful gullwing doors.

Dilemma left to the owner, Mercedes has launched the SLS Roadster in India. The car comes with the same 6.2 liter V8 AMG engine found in the SLS Coupe. With the roof gone you can listen to those exhaust notes much better as you try and play 568bhp to your tune. At an ex-showroom price of Rs 2.25 crore the SLS Roadster is not exactly competitively priced.

If you have the money we would suggest, get both SLS Coupe and a Roadster. It's the closest you will get to having the cake and eating it too. Eh TopGear.commers?

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