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21 January 2013

Mercedes opens India's largest luxury car dealership in Delhi

Launches mammoth new flagship showroom in the heart of Delhi, confirms new affordable models in a bid to regain number one slot

Ashish Masih
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One thing is for sure. Mercedes doesn’t like being repeatedly told that it is number three in the luxury market.

According to Eberhard Kern, MD & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India, “If you look closely, we are still number one in the top-end of the luxury business, it’s just that we don’t have any affordable car in the lower segment to push volumes like our rivals”. He was speaking at the opening of Merc’s flagship dealership T&T Motors at Mathura Road in Delhi.

The spanking new dealership has 60,000 square feet of space with three floors and two basements. The ground floor is dedicated to CBUs, the second is meant for CKDs, while the top floor is reserved for the mighty AMG cars. One of the basements will be used for stocking cars while the other will be used for selling used cars. The dealership took over four years to build and an investment of almost Rs 100 crore.

The company also officially announced the arrival of its A-Class hatchback by June this year. The car will be sold with a diesel as well as a petrol engine and prices for the base model are expected to start at a very competitive Rs 18 lakh. Kern also confirmed plans for the recently launched CLA-sedan, which he said would be available in India towards the end of the calendar year and will slot in below the C-Class. Prices are expected to start at Rs 20-21 lakh. “We hope that these two models will sway young buyers towards our brand,” he said.

But the first arrival this year from Merc will be the new GL-Class, which will arrive by May. Looks like Mercedes is all set to turn up the heat on its German rivals this year.

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