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06 June 2012

Mercedes reveals SLS AMG GT

Faster, harder and betterer; this is the track-orientated special of the Big Bad Merc

Vijay Pattni
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And there you sat, smugly believing the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG was as powerful as it could be. Ha! There is now a more powerful version, and it is the SLS AMG ‘GT'.

This revised version of Mercedes' flagship car now generates 591hp and a 0-100kph time of 3.7 seconds; an entire tenth of a second quicker than its ageing, underpowered, dowdy, standard sibling.

AMG engineers have squeezed out the additional 20hp through in-engine dethrottling measures and an increase in peak pressure, while the seven-speed sports auto ‘box gets newly developed gear change functions in manual ‘M' mode. Oh, and this mode gets more engine torque making the shifts even quicker, which are accompanied by "some passionate acoustic feedback for the driver".

Elsewhere, deep inside the barking heart of the SLS AMG GT lurks a revised AMG ride control sports suspension: stiffer springs and dampers meet twin aluminium wishbones all round, while the ‘comfort' mode has been binned. ‘Sport', says Merc, is acceptable for say, some rural roads or "the legendary North Loop of the Nürburgring", while ‘Sport Plus' helps you achieve "ambitious lap times" on a circuit. Quite.

The seats have an embossed badge on the headrests, there's Alcantara, contrast stitching and a high-gloss black trim on the door panels and centre console. Have a look and then tell us - Gullwing or drop-top?

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