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02 February 2011

Mercedes unveils new C63 AMG

Ballistic Benz gets new face, auto box and optional power upgrade to 487bhp

Vijay Pattni
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This is the new Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. Yes, new.


To make sure the slidey Teutonic missile toes the family line, the front gets a SL63-inspired makeover; new front and rear AMG bumpers, an aluminium bonnet with a modified powerdome, new lights and rear diffuser fins complete the visual changes.


The new C63 also gets the SL63's seven-speed AMG Speedshift MCT sports transmission, which, instead of using a torque convertor, has a wet start-off clutch which Merc reckons delivers a more ‘efficient, agile and direct' response.


The ‘box comes with four modes - ‘C' for efficiency, ‘S', ‘S+' and ‘M' each turning the screw on gear changes and higher revs. It also comes with a ‘Race Start' function along with double-declutching.


The 6.2-litre V8 is unchanged at 457bhp, but you can now option the AMG Performance pack which ups power to 487bhp, thanks to important oily bits courtesy of the Very Slidey SLS. The forged pistons, connecting rods and lightweight crankshaft - all lifted from the SLS's V8 - are 3kg lighter than standard and so reduce inertia. In layman's terms, you can now scare dogs and small children at the traffic lights as the V8 revs easier and quicker.


The 0-100kph time with the AMG pack drops to 4.4 seconds (from 4.5) for the saloon, and 4.5 seconds (from 4.6) for the estate.


AMG has also tweaked the suspension addressing one of TG's original gripes about the ride comfort, altering the spring and damper rates. The power steering pump is also new and helps lower fuel consumption, while the insides get a new 3D TFT display, new steering wheel, aluminium shift paddles and dark aluminium trim.


It'll hit the UK from June/July 2011, at speculated price of around £55,000. Still want that M3?

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