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15 May 2012

Mercedes unveils the new ML

Along with a limited edition AMG variant...

Ashish Masih
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Mercedes Benz have introduced the new generation M-class SUV in India today. Prices start at Rs 56.9 lakh*. You could also have an AMG version for Rs 66 lakh*. No, don't hop around in glee. The AMG version here will only get you AMG body skirts, AMG seats and AMG interiors. Which is like Q assigning James Bond an Aston Martin without the guns and ejector seats.

Anyway, in both iterations, the ML 350 CDI develops 258bhp, around 30 more than the old car, and a substantial 620Nm of torque. You also get Mercedes’ seven-speed 7G-Tronic auto ’box, start-stop and permanent four-wheel drive as standard along with plenty of safety tech like driver assist, multiple airbags and hill descent to name a few.

According to Peter Honegg, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India, deliveries of the new M-class will commence by the end of June this year. 

*All prices ex-showroom Delhi.


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