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17 April 2013

Mini commences local production in India!

Before you jump out of the window in sheer glee, it's only the Countryman that will be locally produced for now

Amaan Ahmed
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If you have a soft spot for Minis, the headline surely would have had you puking rainbows and seeing unicorns do the Harlem Shake. After all, this is something enthusiasts have been awaiting for quite a while now (Sriram discussed the same in his blog a long time ago), and it has finally happened - Mini has started local production at BMW's plant in Chennai.

Rather disappointingly, it is only the Countryman that will be produced at the local plant for the time being - that too the diesel variants only, while the petrol variants will continue to trickle in as completely-built units (CBUs). It is the first time however, that the Countryman is being made outside Europe. Mini claims that locally-produced cars will be made to the usual exacting standards that apply to BMW Group cars the world over.

The Countryman Diesel will now be available in three different versions - the Countryman ONE (priced at Rs 23.50 lakh*), the Cooper D Countryman (priced at Rs 25.60 lakh*), and the Cooper D Countryman High (priced at Rs 28.90 lakh*) The petrol variants continue to be as hilariously priced as ever, with the Cooper S Countryman costing Rs 34.20 lakh*, and the Cooper S Countryman High lightening your wallet by Rs 37.50 lakh*.

We can almost hear you scream, "What about the Cooper S Hatchback?!" We don't know whether Mini plans to produce that here, but maybe, just maybe, your comments could convince them to. No harm in trying, is there? Let the comments flow, dotcommers.

*All prices ex-showroom, India

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