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05 April 2012

Mini gets its 100th store

And it's right here, in the Mumbai suburbs...

Gagan Gupta
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We love our small cars, but a Mini is a complete anomaly in that genre. Sure it's small and zippy and can eat your morning commute for breakfast. But it's also premium, which makes absolutely no sense. But for over the 1,00,000 fans on Mini India's facebook page, it seems that it may just be the most sensible premium small car here. And if you've been waiting to check out the new Mini Cooper range that was so enthusiastically unveiled at the 11th Auto Expo this year, all you need to do is head to Mumbai.

Infinity Cars have been appointed as the first Mini dealership in India with their exclusive showroom in Santacruz, Mumbai. The cars themselves are available only as Completely Built-up Unit (CBU) and will start delivery from May this year.

Dr. Andreas Schaaf, President, BMW Group India said, “Mini is more than just a car, it is a personality on wheels, a fashion statement and a way of life. No other brand exhibits the attributes and essence of a modern urban lifestyle like MINI and there is no doubt that it is one of the world‟s most emotional auto brands.”

Dr. Schaff also went on to claim that they have already received over 100 bookings for Minis till date, and their delivery capacity is around 20 to 30 cars per month as of now. By the end of 2012, Mini is expected to open two more showrooms in India, namely in Delhi and Gurgaon.

In case you forget the price list we posted during the Auto Expo, here's a little refresher on the ex-showroom prices –

Mini Cooper - Rs 25.5 lakh
Mini Cooper S - Rs 28.6 lakh
Mini Cooper Convertible - Rs 30.7 lakh
Mini Cooper S Countryman - Rs 32.8 lakh
Mini Cooper S Countryman High - Rs 35.9 lakh


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