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18 December 2017

Mumbai celebrates Ferrari’s 70th anniversary

Prancing Horses march down Mumbai streets to commemorate 70 years of the legendary Italian carmaker
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On December 17, a chilly winter morning in Mumbai, the city witnessed a rather rare phenomenon. A whole bunch of high-octane cars, seen more in India on posters and screensavers rather than the road – Ferraris, if you will, gathered in one place. The occasion? 70th anniversary celebrations of the legendary Italian carmaker. Dealer Navnit Motors had organised the event to mark the momentous milestone.

The fleet of Prancing Horses was flagged off from Navnit Motors’ Ferrari dealership in Bandra-Kurla Complex. The cars took the Bandra-Worli sealink (we’re sure the 80kph speed limit was a bummer for the drivers) towards Marine Drive and finally concluded the parade at High Street Phoenix mall in Lower Parel. Here, all the cars were put on display for the rest of day.

Ferrari’s 70th anniversary celebrations were kicked off in March 2017. Of course, while one of the biggest celebrations was held in Maranello, Italy in September 2017, hometown to Ferrari, even the rest of the world has been celebrating in their own way, much like the aforementioned event in Mumbai.

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