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21 April 2012

Musli-Power Motorsports gears up for INRC

Announces its team for 2012 Indian National Rally Championship
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The Indian National Rally Championship (INRC) 2012 is coming up, and so are the rally team announcements.

Kochi based Musli-Power Xtra has kicked-off their motor-sports campaign for the year by unveiling the Musli-Power Motorsports Rally team. The spanking new 2000 Group N Mitsubishi Cedia car will be piloted by Kerala's very own national champion rally driver Dr. Bikku Babu.

“This time we stepped up to race at National Rally Championship roping in Dr.Bikku Babu, who is widely regarded by experts as one of the cleanest and fastest rally drivers in the country” said Dr. K.C. Abraham, Managing Director, Kunnath Pharmaceuticals.

Affectionately known as “Dr. Speeed,” Bikku has twelve podium finishes in a total of twenty car rallies he participated in the national level. The 'Dr.' before his name is the real deal as he also has a busy career as an allergy & skin specialist, and heads the Mary Queens Allergy & Asthma Hospital group.

The seat for the team partner is also confirmed by George Varghese, from Kottayam who is also a former Indian Air-force Captain.


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