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06 February 2012

Narain Karthikeyan in HRT's F1 line-up

Announced last week along with Pedro de la Rosa

Gagan Gupta
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Narain Karthikeyan will be back this F1 season along with Pedro de la Rosa, which he admits is all thanks to his Indian GP performance last year with HRT. After finishing 17th in the race, he believes that his performance helped him get the seat for 2012.

The combined age of Karthikeyan (35) and De la Rosa (41 on February 24th) makes them the oldest racing pair in Formula one. But Karthikeyan was quick to clarify "Honestly, it’s not a factor at all. I can point out five to six drivers who are in their mid-30's and above. Michael Schumacher is 40-plus, Webber in his mid-30's, so am I. How does it matter? As long as you are fit, your reflexes are okay and you have not had a big accident, I think you should be okay."

The team's new car will be built around a new monocoque and is scheduled to make its debut in the second pre-season test at Barcelona on February 21-24.


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