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25 November 2010

New Audi RS3 details announced

Following the TT RS and disappointing RS5 comes a potential classic from Audi’s ‘go faster’ boys

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Audi UK has announced another addition to its ever-burgeoning RS range - the long-awaited RS3.

The definition of 'hot hatch' is becoming broader by the day, and while this does slip into the top end of that class, at a whopping 1,575kg it's a long way from the turboed tin boxes of old.

To counter the weight, however, we get the 2.5-litre direct-injection five-cylinder from the TT RS. We've had one of those down in our car park recently, and we can joyously testify to its abilities.

With a claimed 0-100 time of 4.6 seconds, it should definitely do the job when hauling all that metal around (along with the quattro four-wheel drive and a launch control system).

Ride height goes down by 25mm from the standard A3, with front tyres wider than the rear, which is fairly unique for a car in this class. Transmission is the usual seven-speed Audi S Tronic - frustratingly, there's no manual option. And there's no three-door option either. Five or nothing, potential buyers.

And price? Around £40,000 (GBP), which should mean an interesting battle to come with the 1-Series M Coupe.

Your thoughts, loyal TopGearers?

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