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01 February 2012

New Maruti Swift DZire launched

Prices start below Rs 5 lakh
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The all new DZire that we earlier reviewed, was launched today at a very competent price of Rs 4.79 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) for the base LXi version, bringing it pretty close to hatchback in pricing.

The base diesel, LDi is priced at Rs 5.80 lakh. There's also a new 4-speed automatic transmission VXi variant that's priced at Rs 6.54 lakh. According to Maruti these prices, which are 25-30,000 lower than the older DZire are only introductory. Surprisingly, Maruti is still planning to continue selling the older DZire as an option to fleet operators. Also the old DZire will be given a new brand identity soon and only a few variants will be offered.

The new DZire gets the same set of engines as the Swift hatchback and Maruti claims a 0-100kph of 12.6 and 14.8 for the petrol and diesel versions respectively. The new boot of 316 litres is quite tiny at around 100 litres down on space from the older version.

Here's the full price list -
LXi – Rs 4.79 lakh
VXi – Rs 5.32 lakh
VXi AT – Rs 6.54 lakh
ZXi – Rs 6.19 lakh
LDi – Rs 5.80 lakh
VDi – Rs 6.31 lakh
ZDi – Rs 7.09 lakh

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