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14 March 2013

New Mexican sports car announced

Hammond may need to head back south of the US border: there’s a new racer to test

Rowan Horncastle
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Lord March's annual motoring garden party (the Goodwood Festival of Speed) won't just be about chinos, Panama hats and amazing cars bombing up his driveway this year. A brand new car company from Mexico is using the event to unveil their new premium track-day car.

Yes, the population of Mexican sports car companies is set to double as VUHL (pronounced "vool", as in, "I pity the vool") unveil the ‘05'. The picture above is the only one we have... But someone forgot to turn the lights in the studio on.

Details on the car are similarly scarce. We do know it's a global operation, as the handling will be optimised in the UK, its body will be fabricated in Canada, and the chassis production and final assembly will happen in Mexico City.

The Mexican government (along with some rich investors) are helping to fund the project, headed up by brothers Iker and Guillermo Echeverria. Iker said, "We intend VUHL products to be renowned for their effective simplicity and aesthetics guided by a purity of function. The 05 and its successors will also be notable for uncompromising build quality, rigorous attention to detail and a driving experience par excellence."

This all sounds positive, but as we don't know any information, or have any pictures we can't be too sure. So why don't you tell us what it should look like in the comments below?

We'll get to see the finished 05 at the Festival of Speed in July 11-14. But will it be able to knock Mexico's other sports car, the Mastretta MXT, off its perch?

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