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09 January 2013

New: Peugeot 2008

What FUN! A new smallish, French supermini crossover!
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It's with unbridled enthusiasm that we announce this: a new miniature crossover from Peugeot. It's called the 2008. It's like a 208, but bigger. It's being built all over the world (France, China and Brazil). And it'll make its debut at the Geneva motor show.

So, what's interesting about this? Umm, it's front-wheel drive. And quite small. At 4.16 metres long, Peugeot assures us that it'll mash together hatchbacky driving fun with SUV bigness. A bit like the Nissan Juke, only without the endearingly silly styling. Or the Fiat Panda 4x4, only without the useful four-wheel drive. Though it will have the Grip Control system from the 3008.

Peugeot's been pretty scant with the details, but it has told us that the black bumpers and body sills serve to "protect it from abrasions". That the new face is "finely sculpted", and that "headlights act with the bodywork to given the outline appearance of a cat's pupil." We can also confirm that "cat's pupil" is not a euphemism.

We also know that it'll use the latest-generation engines, including the frugal - if a little clattery - 1.4 and 1.6-litre e-HDi diesel engines, and a new version of the current turbocharged 1.2-litre three-cylinder petrol. In its most thrifty guise, CO2 emissions will start from just 99g/km.

Are you as thrilled by the 2008 as we are, TopGear.commers?

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