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20 March 2017

​New Porsche Panamera variants and prices revealed

Three models -- standard wheelbase, long wheelbase and Sport Turismo -- and they're all Turbos!

Amaan Ahmed
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Porsche will officially ​​be launching the new Panamera in India on Wednesday, but it has already revealed the lineup that's heading our way, and what a cracking lineup it is.​ It looks like Porsche is pulling no punches this time around.​

We're getting all three body styles the Panamera is offered in globally: so there's the standard wheelbase model, the Executive, ​which is the the long wheel​b​ase model​, and​ then​ there's the recently-unveiled beaut, the Sport Turismo.​ Oh, and they're all Tur​b​os.

Yes, we know, the Porsche range in its entirety -- ​b​ar the 911 GT3 -- is now tur​bocharged, ​​b​ut the ​​​​​​​Panameras coming to India are the ones with an upper-case T. That means these are all packing a twin-tur​b​o 4.0-litre V8, producing 542​b​hp and 770Nm of torque, ​b​eing sent to all four wheels through an eight-speed PDK automatic. As a result, the Tur​b​o and Sport Turismo will do 0-100kph in 3.6 seconds​ when specced with the Sport Chrono pack (3.8sec without it), and the heavier Executive is a tenth slower. Top speeds are just over 300kph for all three. Oh, and since this V8 features cylinder deactivation tech, the new Panameras should be decently frugal as well.

But the Executive has an ace up its sleeve. You see, while the Turbo and Sport Turismo are dimensionally identical, the Exec has an extra 150mm between its axles. It's a stretched Panamera, and all of that stretching has gone into the wheelbase to boost rear passenger space. Tycoons won't mind trading a tenth of a second for some additional room.

​All three versions will come loaded to the roof with all sorts of creature comforts (and that glorious sci-fi-spec rear spoiler), but there are some tasty (read wallet-busting) optional bits, too: Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport (PDCCS) for Rs 8.87 lakh, rear-axle steering for Rs 3.37 lakh, Sport Chrono package for Rs 4 lakh, a Rs 10 lakh Burmester stereo and carbon-ceramic brakes for... wait for it... Rs 16 lakh. Go have some water.

Base price for the Panamera Turbo is Rs 1.94 crore, Rs 1.98 crore for the Sport Turismo and Rs 2.06 crore for the Executive (all prices ex-showroom, Maharashtra).

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