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02 February 2011

New V12 Lambo supercar snapped

Successor to Murcielago gets ready for its Geneva motor show debut. Excited, much?

Vijay Pattni
Car image

This is the all-new Lamborghini supercar, pictured in camouflage just one month before it is revealed in full at the Geneva motor show.

As you can (barely) see, it gets a Reventon-inspired face, and Lamborghini has announced a new, hand-built V12 engine that develops 700bhp - up by 30bhp from the LP670 - revving to a heady 8,250rpm for the Murci's successor. The engine itself weighs just 235kg, attached to a single-clutch automated manual box.

It also gets an F1-style pushrod suspension setup, and erm, that's about all we can tell you.

Excited? Just a lil' bit?

Lamborghini's 2010: a tribute



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