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19 May 2011

Nissan announces 370Z ‘GT’

Special ‘race-themed’ edition gets suspension tweaks and, most importantly, big stripes

Matthew Jones
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Nissan has announced a ‘GT' edition of its rather manly and muscular 370Z coupe, called, funnily enough, ‘GT Edition'.

Built to celebrate Nissan's global success in GT racing and 40 years of Nissan Z cars appearing on UK roads, the big lug's dampers have been tweaked to make it more comfortable at high speeds that are ‘routinely enjoyed in Europe'. Manly and muscular Autobahn stormers, take note.

Elsewhere, some manly and muscular GT stripes have been attached to the sides, you get manly colours like Kuro Black and Black Rose and big manly 19in RAYS forged alloy wheels.

But some limp-wristed types appeared to have greenlit some new equipment, including a reverse parking camera, a ‘snow' mode for the auto-box that sets off in 2nd in slippery conditions preventing manly wheelspin, and refinements to underbody insulation to reduce road noise. This is not manly.


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