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21 March 2018

Nissan, Datsun to hike prices by two per cent

Thinking of buying a Nissan or a Datsun? Well, you need to save a tad more
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Nissan India has announced that the price of their cars will be increased by two percent, effective from April 1. Not only does this affect Nissan, but its sister company Datsun will also increase the price of its entire range. Nissan says rising input costs led them to take such a step.

Nissan is not the first to increase the price of its car this year, German carmaker, Audi too has increased price of its entire range by up to Rs 9 lakh. Nissan’s current lineup consists of the Micra, Sunny and the Terrano while Datsun offers – GO, GO+ and redi-GO. Here is a detailed look at the revised prices:

Nissan Micra: Rs 6.10 lakh

Nissan Sunny: Rs 7.12 lakh

Nissan Terrano: Rs 10.19 lakh

Datsun Redi-GO: Rs 2.53 lakh

Datsun GO: Rs 3.37 lakh

Datsun GO+: Rs 3.94 lakh

All prices ex-showroom, Delhi

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