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13 January 2012

Nissan Juke R acceleration stats confirmed

It’s as fast as a Ferrari 458 and a bit faster than an Aston DBS. That’s fast

Vijay Pattni
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You don't have to be a scholar of cosmology or quantum mechanics to understand that a 0-100kph time of 3.7 seconds is abhorrently quick. It's not quite speed-of-light fast, but for human intents and purposes, near enough.

Today, Nissan has confirmed two very important pieces of information for the general public. Again, nothing that will alter an understanding of the universe, the nature of matter or our transience to both, but something that will nevertheless perform a revelatory gasp of "wow, smashing" in the pub.

Nissan's little Frankenstein that is the Juke R will apparently go from zero kilometers per hour to 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.7 seconds which, as we mentioned, matches the 458 Italia and whips the DBS (a paltry 4.3 seconds), and will top out at 258kph. This last figure is considerably slower than both supercars, but they are supercars.

Still, after testing, Nissan has reported that the Juke-R "enjoys supercar handling". Good, then. Be interesting to see this go head to head against something 'super'. Not Superman, mind.

We've got all the build info on this mad, bad, evil little contraption in the non-threatening, dog-friendly link below. But that's just the link. Dark matter? We think we've found it...

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