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20 September 2011

Nissan Sunny available now

And at a very competitive price point...

Gagan Gupta
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Nissan had unveiled the Sunny a while back, but there was still no news on when it will be available. Well, it's here now.

As we mentioned before, the 10th generation Nissan Sunny is based on the V (versatile) platform, which is also the one Micra is built on. But Nissan is quick to point out that the Sunny is not simply 'Micra with a boot', since it has bigger dimensions and a longer wheelbase.

3 variants of the 1.5 litre petrol engine are the first to hit the Indian market, and though there was no official word on a diesel release in the near future, Nissan did assure that they will be listening closely to the market demand.

The price, however was the highlight of the launch event. The ex-showroom Delhi prices of the new Sunny are -

XE - Rs 5.78 lakh
XL - Rs 6.88 lakh
XV - Rs 7.68 lakh

Go on then, tell us what you think of the car and its pricing. We even have their launch ad here to inspire you...


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