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19 November 2013

Nissan unveils NISMO-tuned GT-R

591bhp super-Skyline will do the ‘Ring in 7:08. Holy Shih Tzu

Matthew Jones
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We've all been there - looking at our pathetic, standard Nissan GT-R and bemoaning its slovenly 2.7-second 0-100kph time, and 272kph top speed, and 7:24.22 lap of the Nordschleife...

Now, finally, someone at Nismo's seen sense and done something about it. Power from the 3.8-litre V6 has been bumped from 542 to 591 horsepower, torque's up from 630 to 652Nm.

The power's been boosted by bolting on two turbochargers from the GT-R Nismo GT3 racer, fiddling around with the intake and exhaust system, adjusting the ignition timing, and fitting some super-sticky Dunlop tyres.

Not extreme enough? You'll be relieved to learn that there's an optional super-bonkers-nutter version called the Track Pack, which replaces several bits with carbon fibre (amounting to a 64.8kg weight reduction - roughly 82 per cent of a Richard Hammond), some chassis tweaks, manually-adjustable Öhlins shocks and different springs with a lighter rate.

In this guise, and in the hands of ex-FIA GT1 champion Michael Krumm, it's just lapped the Nürburgring in 7:08.69. That's faster than every road car in the world bar a Radical SR8 LM (6:48), SR8 (6:55), and Porsche 918 Spyder (6:57). And it's still cheaper than that Porsche 918. It will be available in Japan in February 2014, coming to the US and Europe later that year.

So... are we looking at the fastest real-world car in the, er, real world?

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