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13 August 2012

Nissan’s 504bhp 370Z revealed

One-off, twin turbocharged track version of the Zed as modified by fans gets a proper airing…

Vijay Pattni
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2001's tuner-fest movie The Fast and the Furious gifted to mankind many wonderful things: an entertainingly quotable script (albeit of dubious quality), Paul Walker's hair, Vin Diesel's gruff posturing, and of course, a bright orange Toyota Supra.

While the movie itself might not have dislodged Citizen Kane from the top spot of Greatest Film Ever, it galvanised an enormous thirst for modifying Japanese cars that has existed for decades. And Nissan decided to get in on the act, 21st century style. Meet the ‘crowdsourced' 370Z.

A few months ago, Nissan reached out to its legions of Facebook followers and asked them how they'd like to see a tricked-out 370Z. The engine, the suspension and the design were all put out to vote, and the result is the matt grey monster you see above.

Nissan USA - through Nismo - has released a series of videos documenting the build and final reveal, but the bare facts are thus: it's got a Greddy twin-turbocharger setup mounted to the 3.7-litre V6 producing just over 500bhp, a new performance exhaust, KW coilover suspension and a simply monstrous set of brakes.

Fans also plumped for a full matt grey wrap - which, to TG's eyes at least, gives it a properly moody aura - along with lightweight alloys and some trick interior bits.

We're still waiting on a video showcasing this thing on maximum attack mode, but for now, have a peruse of the build. How would you, humble TopGear.commer, modify a Nissan 370Z? Keep it realistic...




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