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08 July 2013

Novitec Torado spices up the Lambo Aventador

When we say "spices up", we mean "adds a bucketful of the finest carbonfibre and horsepower Germany has to offer"

Amaan Ahmed
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If you claim to be the person who likes his supercars tinkered with, chances are you are quite familiar with the name 'Novitec'. A group operating out of Germany, Novitec focuses on snapping up exotic Italian machinery (Novitec Rosso takes Ferraris, while Novitec Tridente, as the name would suggest, has a thing for Maseratis) and then giving them a fresh lease of life with a lot of new go-faster bits. Now, Novitec has come up with its 'Torado' division, and it is interested in another Italian supercar maker's products. Guessed it?

Yes, it is Lamborghini, and what a product to kickstart your operations with. The Aventador is what Novitec Torado has laid its teutonic mitts on first up, and the results are here for one and all to see (read: drool over). As you can see, the front wings have been replaced with ones made out of carbonfibre, the bonnet has gaping vents at the top, there are new side skirts with gills, new wheels and a "I-am-a-racecar" fixed carbonfibre rear spoiler. And all of this isn't just a lot of pointless trumpeting - Novitec has tested these modifications in a wind tunnel to prove that those new showy bits actually do work.

What's more, the suspension has been given a once-over, the new exhaust system chops 20kg off the car's kerb weight, the insides have been slathered in carbonfibre and better still, Novitec has fiddled with the mad V12 motor, so you can choose from outputs starting from 722hp and 703Nm of torque, and going up to 969hp and 911Nm of twist. That's nine-hundred-and-sixty-nine horsepowers. It's what you would get if you dunked a Raging Bull into a giant Red Bull can, we imagine.

Mouthing guttural sounds of approval, or finding this Novitec-tweaked Aventador a little too un-Italian, TopGearista? If it's the former, maybe you'd like to have a look at Novitec putting this crazed LP700-4 through its paces in the wind tunnel in the video below...

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