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09 December 2013

Now, buy Nissans online

Not scale models on a popular e-commerce website, but real, actual Nissans will soon be sold over the interweb

Amaan Ahmed
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If you have the internet at your disposal, you can do a lot. You can watch movies, steal someone else's college assignment, rant on popular social platforms, and if you happen to use Google Chrome, you can Ctrl+Shift+N to get up to many things.

Now, Nissan has come up with yet another thing for you to do on the web. Soon, Nissan India will offer its cars for Real, full-size cars that you can buy on the internet just as easily as buying a pair of shoes off one of the many shopaholic e-commerce websites.

If you're one of the many people whose car-buying instincts are swayed by simply browsing through a car website, you don't even have to bother with the tedious process of getting off your backside and heading to a dealership, for you will soon be able to book your Nissan with your credit card through online gateways that Nissan is currently setting up. And you can book any car you like - right from the Micra, to the 370Z.

Mr. Nitish Tipnis, Director - Marketing, Hover Automotive India (Nissan’s National Sales Company) said, "Today most car buyers go online before making a decision so using the internet is a logical extension of the purchase cycle. At Nissan, we are putting in place suitable payment gateways with the help of specific car portals to ensure timely delivery and service at the time of purchase. The objective is to simplify the purchase cycle and delight the customer by making the entire sales journey quicker and more efficient with no compromise on service."

The question is, are online car sales the way to go? Would you seriously consider buying your next car through an online transaction?


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